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We are
engaged in a constant process of technological innovation to improve the modern agricultural production, to make it sustainable and compatible with the environment. We are looking for solutions that protect the environment and ensure the progress of agriculture in a global and complex world. We work for agriculture that is able to meet the new needs of human nutrition, making efficient use of resources, based on natural biological cycles. We want to spread the culture of sustainability, a culture in which to invest through new applications of the Industry 4.0.

We are
focused on the development of modern agriculture, drawing from all skills and know-how available, trying to offer innovative products and services with the excellent value for money, challenging the future with creativity and courage. We grow up with a new business model based on lean production and the development of new technological solutions, because innovation means sustainability, but also simplicity: we are sure that simplification and efficiency are still synonymous of improvement and that will help us to provide a complete management service of the agronomic cycle, protecting the environment.

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Style and Practicality

Functional style is the essence of the new Arbos family design. In the agricultural machinery sector the brand is very much identified with the livery of its products. More than any car, a tractor is something a customer can be proud of and want to be identified with, but at the same time a tool for work and productivity.
Using this as the starting point, we came up with the new style: integrating design, production technologies, practicality and comfort. This integration is what gives Arbos tractors a competitive edge. A tractor may be inexpensive, but without a soul and a functional, reliable body, it is automatically out of the running.


Designing a transmission that is simple but efficient, modern and relentless, but not complicated and expensive: the challenge faced by the Arbos design department was one of the most complex.

The result is clear to see: an “accessible” transmission, in line with current technical solutions, sturdy and reliable in all conditions, as demonstrated by many rigorous field tests.
The basic design was developed in three different configurations: Entry Level, Global, Advanced.


Quality and optimising investment are the crucial factors in the design of the new Arbos tractors.
That philosophy is fully applied in the Arbos 7000 Series, top of the range in a category between 220 and 260 HP, the technological flagship in China and completing the range in Europe too, where average power is increasingly higher.