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Seed Drill Combined

Msd 2.0 Combi
Seed drill combined
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Product description

MS 8230
The MSD 2.0 COMBI seeder is particularly compact to reduce the strain on the lifter to a minimum, thereby reducing the extent to which the ground is compacted down.
Combined Arbos seeders allow you to prepare, level and cement the ground so as to be able to sow in one go.
This versatile machine reduces operating times.
Pneumatic seed drill for sowing in rows in prepared or semi-prepared soil. The working width ranges from 3,0 m to 3,5 m with a standard row distance of 12,5 cm (other row distances available if requested). The 2 dispensers are powered by an electric motor and controlled by the Arbos X4 sowing monitor. This monitor allows the seed density to be changed quickly, by setting the desired value. It also controls the sowing flow for each section. The tramline and seed exclusion functions are optional and can be integrated with the X4 monitor.

Seed drill combined with power harrow

  • Pneumatic fan hydraulic drive, tractor dependent. The required continuous oil flow is 40 L/Min with direct back-flow to the tank.
  • Large tank 1300 L, with two metering units.
  • Hydraulic automatic row marker (OPTIONAL).
  • Transport lights and reflection panels (STANDARD).
  • Loading platform.
  • PTO shaft with cam clutch (STANDARD).
  • Power harrow model MK 150, MK 180, MK 270.
  • PAKER roller Ø 550 mm.

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