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Planting Unit

Ms Twins
Planting Unit
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Product description

MS 8230
Increasing production using the same surface area is now possible due to MaterMacc’s innovative twin row planter. The productive yield per hectare is increased by changing the sowing density and the plant genetic, using quincunx or “zig-zag” sowing. Despite that the equipment already in the company could be maintained, such as cultivators and collection bars, since the row spacing is the same as the one for maize (70-75 cm).
MS TWIN is the twin row precision planting unit of the MS 8000 range, with double disc coulter, allowing the twin rows to sow using the quincunx technique. The Arbos MS TWIN unit allows a sowing distance of 22 cm between the twin rows.

Telescopic tool bar

  • Type 8000 planting unit
  • Frame with folding wings and hydraulic Easy-Set device
  • Road width 2.54, 3.0, and 3.20 metres
  • Safety device to prevent accidental tool bar opening
  • Three-point hitch
  • PTO 540 min-1
  • PTO shaft with 1” 3/8 Z6-Z6 free wheel (length 510 mm)
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Automatic hydraulic row marker
  • Centralised 21-speed gearbox
  • Range of seeding discs
  • Range of inter-row rings
  • Small seed expeller and partition
  • Conveyor for collection of residual seeds
  • Element lifting lever
  • Element movement lever
  • NOTES: Minimum 2 tractor hydraulic distributors

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