A captivating, modern and practical look, rounded and tapered lines that while also increasing structural strength keep the overall dimensions compact and make steering easy. A distinctive and modern style, designed for the global market, that people like at first sight, thanks to the talent of the European style centre. The bonnet and the cab give the line its distinctive look:

The monolithic bonnet made of SMC, smooth and elegant, is the characteristic feature of the front end of the 5000 Series, with the built-in headlight strip framing the logo. The pearlescent white side panels create a harmonious contrast with the green Arbos livery, for a modern take on the brand’s original colours. The “shark gill” slits in the side panels, easily removable for extraordinary maintenance and designed to optimise outflow, accentuate the overall aggressive look, whilst the rational opening/closing system makes routine maintenance easy, combining style and functionality.
The elegant lines of the bonnet extend without a break into the cab: the curved windscreen, sturdy uprights, the thin roof profile with side attachments and the full set of front and rear work lights are harmoniously combined and accentuate the strong, unique character of the new 5000 Series.
  • 4 cyl 3400 cc TIER IV FINAL ENGINE
  • Modular 5-speed transmission providing 3 gear ranges - Global and Advanced
  • Four-pillar high-visibility cab
  • Power lift with up to 4400 kg capacity and 110 l/min hydraulic system
Kohler 3404 TCR SCR (DIESEL of the year 2015)
For the 5000 Series we couldn’t just settle for any engine: we wanted one which is innovative, efficient, fuel saving and 100% reliable. We found it: the Kohler 3404 TCR SCR Tier IV F, four cylinders with 3400 cc, outstanding in the agricultural engines sector. No wonder it was nominated “Diesel of the Year” 2015. Today the ARBOS 5000 range offers three models from 100 to 130 HP, with maximum power of up to 136 HP and 95% of torque available between 1300 and 1800 rpm. One of the many exclusive features of these engines is the compact SCR system (with integrated DOC) installed on the exhaust: the result is a bonnet with tapered, encircling lines, elegant and distinctive, practical for a reduced turning radius.
Technical specifications
  • 4 cylinders 3,400 cc Tier IV f
  • Max. power 136 HP (95% available at 1900 rpm)
  • Max. torque 500 Nm at 1400 rpm
  • 95% of Max. torque available from 1300 to 1800 rpm
  • Starting torque 410 Nm and 36% torque increase
  • Specific consumption 205 g / kWh
Modular transmission, in many configurations
The challenge faced by ARBOS designers was definitely not an easy one: design a transmission which is simple yet efficient, modern and relentless without affecting the easiness of use and costs. The result is clear to see: an “accessible” transmission, in line with current technical solutions which is sturdy and reliable in all conditions, as demonstrated during many rigorous field tests. The basic design was developed in two different configurations: Global, Advanced.
Car-style comfort
Stylish, comfortable, practical: the interior of ARBOS 5000 cab resembles a car, designed for well-being and ergonomics. It is ideal for long working days, successfully combining visibility, comfort and maximum safety. Perfect pressurisation, reduced noise level, a microclimate that is comfortable and the same in all seasons and at all times of day.
All of this plus an easily accessible, comfortable driving position. The extensive 360° glass surface (forward visibility angle 42° up, back 30° down) guarantees exceptional visibility and facilitates operations with the front loader and implements connected to the back. The cab design is based on a cutting-edge engineering approach, with a structure that distributes stresses over the entire surface, making it safer and optimising the weight/power ratio, thanks to a weight that is one third lower than traditional solutions. The thin roof profile also reduces the tractor’s overall height and makes it easier to gauge dimensions where access may be difficult. Elegance, comfort, visibility and safety: this product is hard to beat!
For every requirement
For the hydraulic system too, “versatility" is the key word: from the more traditional mechanical lift - with a useful, intuitive Easy Lift device for return and descent to the preset position, to the electronic lift with height, depth, force and position adjustment, for those who demand maximum precision and comfort. Both versions come with high lifting capacity (4,440 kg) so that the implements carried can easily be used.
The auxiliary control valves for hydraulically powering the implements interact with a high flow rate system 110 l/min., of which up to 70 l/min. are dedicated specifically to implement movement. Up to 3 double-acting mechanical control valves with detent, kick out and floating functions, plus a handy electric switch for a further pair of outlets, make use of the various implements even easier for all farming work.
PTO Speeds Available
Important original design solutions are also seen in the PTO which, depending on the versions, is always available with an independent dry clutch and mechanical control in the cab, or with a more modern PTO with hydraulic clutch and electro-hydraulic control. For the latter, 4 speeds are available: the traditional ones 540/1000 and the respective ECO versions, to make the best possible use of the implements and save fuel.

Technical features

Model Tier IV Final
Cylinders/Displacement N°/cm³ 4/3404
Aspiration Turbo intercooler
Injection system 2000 bar Common Rail
Valves 16 valves
Nominal engine speed rpm 2200
Max. homologated power (2000/25/CE) hp/KW 110/81
Max. torque Nm 470
Max. torque engine speed rpm 1400
Cooling Liquid-Oil - Gas (EGR)
Engine Control Electronic
Air cleaner Dry with safety cartridge and dust ejector
Silencer Underhood with exhaust on cab upright
After treatment system DOC+ SCR integrated on rear side pillar
Fuel tank capacity 160 lt.
Clutch 13” double dry clutch, hydraulically operated
Gearstep 5
Range 2
Creeper OPT
Speed (Fwd/Rev) 30 + 30 (2 speed Powershift underload)
Max. speed 50 Km/h limited by electronic regulator to 40Km/h* at nominal engine speed and economy engine speed (1840 rpm)
Shuttle Mechanical shuttle with lever under steering wheel
4WD Electrohydraulic engagement
Differential lock Limited slip 50% auto; 100% diff lock with electrohydraulic engagement
Braking system Hydrostatically operated, wet disks on rear wheels, 4WD engagement
Trailer braking Hydraulic braking system
Hydrostatic steering STD
Steering angle 55°
Type Heavy duty
Front ballast 13 40 Kg case type weights ( total 520 Kg)
Front fenders Dynamic
Rear lift Mechanical with Easylift / electronic rear lift
Maximum lifting capacity 4.400 Kg (with external cylinder)
Pump delivery Gear pump total 110 l/min
Auxiliary hydraulic control valves 2/3/4 mechanical spoolvalves + electrohydraulic flow diverter (total 4) ways
3 point linkage (link arms and top link) Cat II arms with quick adjustment, hydraulic top link
Front lift Maximum lifting capacity 2000 Kg
Cab Original sound-proofed, with silent block mounted platform, high visibility roof with rounded glass, up to 8 worklights (4 rear + 4 front)
Cab conditioning Air conditioning
Instruments TFT 7” digital display
Driver’s seat Mechanical adjustment, safety belt / Pneumatic suspension, safety belt
Max. length at link arms mm 4.249
Width (min - max) mm 1916-2348
Max height at cab mm 2.644
Ground clearance mm 452
Wheelbase mm 2.347
Front track (min - max) mm 1559-2013
Rear track (min - max) mm 1436-1868
Weight with cab (W/out ballast) kg 4.200

ARBOS 5115

A captivating, modern and practical look, rounded and tapered lines that while also increasing structural strength keep the overall dimensions compact and make steering easy. A distinctive and modern style, designed for the global market, that people like at first sight, thanks to the talent of the European style centre. The bonnet and the cab give the line its distinctive look.