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High reliability

4050 F ECO
High reliability
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Product description

The ARBOS ORCHARD 4050F ECO is the perfect answer to the needs of professionals who work in vineyards and orchards: power and manoeuvrability, reliability and performance make these tractors the ideal partners for working in the often difficult conditions of specialist growing. The key strength of the ARBOS 4050F ECO is its compact size.
  • The shortest wheelbase in its category
  • Exclusive, patented gearbox with dual power system
  • Minimised turning circle
  • Maximum stability and grip thanks to its perfectly balanced weight

Engine, transmission, hydraulic circuit, driving position and dimensions

  • VM 3 cylinder - 36 kW/49 hp
  • Tier IIIA
  • Aspirated
  • Dual Power 16+8 / 8+8 synchronised
  • Mechanical shuttle
  • Mechanical DIFF-lock and 4WD
Hydraulic Circuit
  • Lifting capacity: Kg 2300
  • Open centre: l/min 39
  • Mechanical distributors: 3
Driving Position
  • Plat
  • Wheelbase: mm 1690
  • Weight: Kg 1850
  • Rear tyre: 320/70R24
  • Width (min-max): mm 1340-1770

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