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The New Arbos combine harvester

C 5200
the new arbos combine harvester
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When a dream come true

The new C 5200 Series combine harvesters are a dream come true. An Italian brand that made an indelible mark in the history of combine harvesters, Arbos returns after years of silence and it is back with a range that, although retaining the authentic Arbos DNA, boasts futuristic lines and technology.
The new Arbos C 5200 combine harvester presented at Hannover originates from the old drawings recovered by the manufacturer to extract the most efficient and up-to-date aspects of the famous brand’s technological know-how. A brand that has always been a symbol of quality, reliability and durability.
The concept, supported by the Arbos philosophy based not just on optimising investments, but also on excellent design and ergonomics, takes the form of a machine with extremely high aesthetic value, unique and unmistakeable style.
As for the content, the unrivalled and extensively tested Arbos threshing system, the new combine harvesters combine state of the art technologies to give great performance without non-essential features. The new design also pays particular attention to the cab, with every detail studied to optimise the internal space and maximise operator comfort. The bonnet covers have also been completely redesigned, with soft, rounded shapes and a mixture of green and white, the distinctive colours on Arbos tractors.
The lines of the bodywork and the grilles form an ideal ear of wheat, the stylistic inspiration behind this new concept
The C 5200 combine harvester reflects the modern evolution of the Arbos 800, strengthening all of the concepts: high versatility, high reliability, simple construction, high quality straw, product cleanness and easy maintenance.
After the C5200’s debut, it is logical to expect its expansion into the sector of machines with straw walkers to complete the range.

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