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A state of the art concept

6180 & 7260
a state of the art concept
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Quality and optimising investment are the crucial factors in the design of the new Arbos tractors. That philosophy is fully applied in the Arbos 7000 Series, top of the range in a category between 220 and 260 HP, the technological flagship in China and completing the range in Europe too, where average power is increasingly higher.
The concept behind this range, unveiled in Hannover, further highlights the successful concepts of the 5000 Series with more refined stylistic solutions, advanced technical solution and an even bigger cab for maximum comfort: from style to performance, to multi-purpose use.
The performance and efficiency of the Deutz engine, together with the 4-stage “implement powershift” transmission, allowing the best speed for every operation in the field, are the heart of this range. With a high visibility, maximum comfort cab they make the 7000 Series the flagship of the Arbos product range.

The intermediate range, but no less important to completing the Arbos supply is the 6000 Series, another concept premiered at Agritechnica 2015, boasting the best features of both the 5000 and 7000 series. The range from 140 to 200 HP with 6 cylinder engine has both the versatility and multi-purpose use of the 5000 series and the traction and high performance of the 7000 series, giving the perfect mix for mid-range operations.

The design and cab are like those of the entire Arbos product range, aggressive and clean.

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