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Mounted Sprayers

Mounted Sprayers
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Product description

Arbos MBS mounted sprayers are available with three different sizes of tank, with nominal capacities of 800, 1000 and 1200 L respectively. They are all equipped with a 120 L rinse tank and a 20 L personal wash tank. All sprayers are equipped with a high-resistance steel frame, which has gone through a process of cataphoresis and then been painted with a powder coating, making in suitable for liquid fertilisation treatments.
The spray booms operate using a hydraulic mechanism, with working widths of 12, 15, 16 and 18 m.
Compact design to reduce the strain on the lifter, providing greater stability for the tractor. This significantly reduces how compacted the ground becomes, as a result of reducing the weight.
  • Integrated concealed mixer.
  • Foldable parking feet (STANDARD).
  • Main spray tank in high-density polyethylene, 800/1000/1200 L (nominal).

Porta ugelli, barra, regolatore, serbatoio e cassetta

TRIJET nozzle head
The large range of spraying nozzles in our catalogue means the right choice can be made according to individual needs.
Fan-spray nozzles, dual fan-spray nozzles and nozzles for liquid fertilisation – ASJ and TEEJET.

Standard nozzles:
  • ASJ WRC 110-03 (BLUE)
  • ASJ WRC 110-05 (BROWN)
  • ASJ WRC 110-06 (GREY)
Spray Boom
Robust hydraulic spray boom with working widths of 12, 15, 16 and 18 m.

Boom tilt
Manual (STANDARD), hydraulic (OPTIONAL).

Rinse tank
Polyethylene tank containing clean water for rinsing, 120 l capacity.

Individual protection devices box.

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