The UST Air Seeders - Under Surface Seeding Technology are developed for conservation tillage sowings of all kind of winter cereals, OSR, forage seeds and cover crops.

The planting unit with little wings (patented) allows getting a furrow by raising a layer of soil. This layer then drops off over the seed after the passage of the planting unit. This technology enables the seed to be planted without any contact with soil remains. Moreover, the little wings grant an efficient mechanical weeding.

Different row configuration
Version available with different row distances, obtained by the exclusion of outlets, planting metering units or planting units.
Agronomic advantages of conservative agriculture through the AS-UST seeder
  • Reduction of disturbance to the soil improving the structure of the terrain and increasing the mineralisation of the organic substance,facilitating the development of organisms and other benefits.
  • Protection of the ground from erosion and no waste of mineral nutrients.
  • Increase in the moisture retention capacity of the soil
  • Nutrient elements available from the first stage of development with subsequently less need for fertilizers in the crop growing phase.
  • Better water drainage and more rapid growth of crops
  • Effective mechanical control of weeds
Advantages compared to no-till sowing with a double disc coulter

Less power used and reduction in consumption
With the AS-UST seeder and at equal working widths, lower traction power is required thanks to the number of coulter elements used. It is clear that less power translates into less consumption of fossil fuel.
Parts subject to wear
The disc seed planting system assembly subjects many working parts to wear and requires spare parts for correct machinery maintenance. Thanks to the simplicity of the construction of the AS-UST seeder coulter element, only a few spare parts are required, all of which are
reasonably priced.
In terms of agronomics
The no-till disc system which sows and/or cuts the crop residue with the subsequent mixing of the terrain together with seed planting limits the development of the root system and plant growth.

Technical features

AS 450 15
AS 600 20
AS-F 450 15
AS-F 600 20
AS 450 30
AS 600 30
AS-F 450 30
AS-F 600 30
AS 450 290/450 cm.
AS 600 300/600 cm.
AS-F 450 290/450 cm.
AS-F 600 300/600 cm.
AS 450 3600 kg.
AS 600 4450 kg.
AS-F 450 3650 kg.
AS-F 600 4500 kg.
AS 450 120-130 hp
AS 600 170-200 hp
AS-F 450 130-150 hp
AS-F 600 170-200 hp
AS 450 3000
AS 600 3000
AS-F 450 2000
AS-F 600 2000
AS 450 -
AS 600 -
AS-F 450 1000
AS-F 600 1000