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Pneumatic Seed Drills

As-f 450 ust
Pneumatic Seed Drills
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Product description

AS-F 450 UST
The UST Air Seeders - Under Surface Seeding Technology are developed for conservation tillage sowings of all kind of winter cereals, OSR, forage seeds and cover crops.
The planting unit with little wings (patented) allows getting a furrow by raising a layer of soil. This layer then drops off over the seed after the passage of the planting unit. This technology enables the seed to be planted without any contact with soil remains. Moreover, the little wings grant an efficient mechanical weeding.
Different row configuration
Version available with different row distances, obtained by the exclusion of outlets, planting metering units or planting units.

Tank, blower, planting unit carriers and other

Seed and fertiliser tank with loading platform. Total capacity 2200 L (AS 450), 3000 L (AS 600).
Hydraulic blower for pneumatic seed transportation.
Metering unit
Independent dosing and transport system for each row by using a volumetric metering unit.
Road transport wheels
Low pressure transport wheels 600/50-R22.5 (AS 450) and 700/50-R22.5 (AS 600).
Compression wheels
Compression roller to adjust depth, with 17x8.00-R8 low-pressure wheels in correspondence with every coulter.

Planting unit carriers
Elementi di semina montati su moduli indipendenti e flottanti. Il sistema permette di seguire regolarmente il profilo del terreno con distribuzione uniforme del carico.
Depth gauge wheels
Front wheels 26x12-12 low pressure, to adjust the seed depth.
Planting unit
Optimal planting units distance, on 5 ranks, enables to work also on soil with remains.
Tool bar
Foldable frame for transportation on the road.

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