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The new era has come

Arbos begins a new chapter in its history, whose future is linked to the ambitious “One Belt, One Road” project, the modern Silk Road linking East and West, with a path able to transfer technologies, ideas and culture, considering sustainability and environmental protection.

Backed by the brand’s glorious past whose values have been safeguarded, brought to light again and enhanced by major efforts on recovery and relevance to the present day, Arbos bases its strategy on Italian engineering characterised by product quality with great attention to style, ergonomics and the technological features validated by the world’s most advanced testing. Following these guidelines Arbos will deliver on the market agricultural machinery such as tractors, combines and implements in line with the specific customer needs.

Following an exclusive business model able to make the most of the synergies of technology and cultural exchange between East and West, Arbos aims to supply a product for the global market, maximising the value of the investment with useful, efficient technologies and with an extraordinary level of comfort.

A great project between Italy and China

Lovol Arbos Group Spa is an industrial Holding entirely controlled by Tianjin Lovol Heavy Industry Co. Ltd., one of the most active Chinese companies, with a clear long-term strategic vision. It is fully committed to promoting and developing various areas of business both inside and outside China. Amongst these, the development of environmentally-friendly agronomic practices, of high efficiency agricultural machinery suitable for the most advanced agronomic practices and a full line of implements integrated in the classic and most advanced agronomic cycle. They must be able to improve the production of large Chinese farms and so make Chinese agricultural mechanisation an important factor for a growing world population.
The Lovol project in Europe started with the creation of a Research and Development centre in Bologna in 2011 at the heart of “Motor Valley”, in Emilia Romagna. There, expert engineers and a network of “high tech” component suppliers implemented a structured development plan in the sector of agricultural tractors and harvesting machines.
The Group’s main objectives include the design of 100 to 260 HP tractors. Also, during these initial years of the project the historic Italian Arbos brand was recovered and new life breathed into it, and the industrial know-how of the glorious Arbos combine harvesters will be launched on the market. Plus, Matermacc, a manufacturer of “high-tech” planting and sowing machines, and Goldoni, the leading manufacturer of specialized tractors, orchard and motocultivators, were acquired as a first step in a series of promising further acquisitions intended to create an international and integrated industrial group able to face the market with its full line.
Since its establishment in 1998, Lovol has expanded its activities to agricultural machinery, earth moving machinery, diesel engines and light vehicles. Today Lovol is the biggest Chinese manufacturer of agricultural machinery, with figures that make it a true market leader: 100,000 tractors and 50,000 combine harvesters produced every year, with a turnover of € 3.15 billion. The set-up of Lovol Arbos Group Spa is an important event, a milestone for Lovol business in Europe.
At the same time its investment and development in Italy will also speed up and promote the transformation and reshaping of Lovol, with a significant impact on innovation and on the development of top of the range agricultural machinery in China.
Italy and China are the main birth places of Western and Eastern civilisation and at the same time they mark the end and the start of the historic Silk Road. The tried and tested cooperation between Italy and China was established on this road of trade and mutual advantages, linking Europe and Asia, passing through the great design of the “New silk road One belt, one road”. It makes the most of Italian expertise in top of the range production, environmental protection, design and modern agriculture, so as to combine mutual strong points and bring new energy to the cooperation between China and Italy.

On the new silk road

What can link the old and glorious Bubba and Arbos brands to the relentless move towards modernisation and improvement of agronomic and agricultural engineering techniques coming from the Far East? The History of industrial enterprises at the heart of the Italian “Motor Valley”, with their many human stories and economic and technical challenges. Over the course of almost a century, they developed efficient, effective machines that have lasted not just in memories, but physically in the fields. On the other hand there is a Nation and a young, dynamic industrial enterprise sector, aiming to grow rapidly. With their capacity for industrial investment they want to expand the range of products for an Agricultural sector faced with immense room for quantitative and qualitative growth, to cater for a rising demand for sources of food and bio-fuels. Both Technical Culture and Relational Culture, that is to say, the ability to understand others and to make yourself understood and to share the Common Values intended to create real wealth and well-being for both parties involved. The link also passes through major communication lines. From the ancient “Via Emilia”, where a team of passionate experts meets a young, enthusiastic Chinese team arriving from the equally ancient Silk Road, with the same goals of growth and improvement. This major international project between Beijing and Venice has been called the Economic Belt Silk Road...and in their own way even Bubba and Arbos have become a part of it. Andrea Bedosti, GM Lovol Arbos Group Spa

A vision for the future

The Arbos vision is the perfect combination of the brand values already recognised in the past - quality, technology, performance - and the guidelines that characterised the entire product design stage:
technological innovation accessible to all customers seeking a product with a high quality/price ratio;
customer focus always essential to continuous improvement;
the establishment of the trust in the brand, the product, the service that is created every day above all thanks to the human value and the best possible use of the talented people who are at the very heart of this project…